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I got banned from Twitter for insulting some fascist and I'm not giving them my phone number so here I am, bye bird site.

Looking for a new laptop with all the stuff I want is a nightmare. And then I saw a decent one only to find out that its webcam is located under the screen, so everything a person I do a video call with will see of me is my chest unless the screen is ridiculously bent backwards. :drake_dislike:

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So... Hi. During the time I was gone I managed to spill Diet Coke all over my laptop and now I need a new one.

Having my armpits removed to stick it to big deodorant

The bird site and their friends have taken away my ability to listen in class for 5 minutes straight.

Twitter is toxic as shit and so am I but I'll try and hang out here more often. Toot toot, read you later.

Look, that "put your hands up" Venn's diagram is getting impossible to read and social media has shortened my attention span.

completely incapable of not picturing people bursting into flames while they type if they use farenheit

I was being a responsible adult but then I fucked up by spending all the afternoon watching 'Please Like Me'. Do I regret it? No, it's such a good series, go watch it.

It was such a funny e-mail I would pin it to the wall if I was them.

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My mom once sent an e-mail to a nougat brand saying their nougat tasted like playdough but clarifying she had never eaten playdough and she imagined its taste by the smell.

The Ghostbusters are COPS. Do NOT call them.
Work with a local medium to open dialog with the spirits in your community.

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