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When Salvador Dalí Dressed — and Angrily Demolished — a Department Store Window in New York City (1939). Dalí was charged with disorderly conduct but issued a suspended sentence since, as the judge put it, “These are some of the privileges that an artist with temperament seems to enjoy.”

It's pumpkin season!! This 500-year-old pie recipe from Bartolomeo Scappi, Renaissance chef to the popes (and character in my novel THE CHEF'S SECRET), is one of my favorites. Sooo delicious! 🥧

Pumpkin Tourte ~ A Delicious Renaissance Cheesecake Pie Recipe

It's almost , and if you are still thinking about what to serve, let me offer up this 500-year-old for 🦃 with pomegranate sauce from Renaissance chef, Bartolomeo Scappi, who is the star of my novel, THE CHEF'S SECRET.

Turkey with Pomegranate Sauce: A Renaissance Recipe:

I'm one of those freakish people that start listening to holiday music 🎄☃️🎶 a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. If you are like me and want some holiday tunes to jam to, I have a playlist of non-traditional indie/alt/new wave tunes here:

And, if for some reason, you ❤️❤️❤️Last Christmas, I have a playlist that's 16 hours of versions of the song 😱

If you want to see Mastodon at its best, strongly recommend these options:

:android: Android - Use apps Tusky or Fedilab

:apple_inc: iPhone/iPad - Use apps Metatext or Toot!

💻 Computers - Log in through your server's website

Mastodon was designed for websites and third party apps. These are *still* the best ways to use Mastodon!

(Official app exists because new people were only looking for an official app in app stores, and giving up when they didn't find one. You don't need to use it!)

This literature clock is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time. Checking the time becomes a moment of pure joy 😍


7,224,268 accounts
+3,741 in the last hour
+117,725 in the last day
+582,534 in the last week

PLEASE BOOST: Right now Mastodon is only receiving appr. $21,000/month through Patreon.

This is not enough to handle the 1 million new accounts that will be made this week.

Currently, only 4,720 patrons are donating to Mastodon.

However, if everyone chips in $2/month, this will ensure the continued survival of Mastodon!

Be a hero! Donate now!

Others have said this but since there are a lot of new arrivals I will keep saying it (for I have been here for a whole two weeks now and am very wise): there is no algorithm here. Boosting is the algorithm. The more you boost, the more cool stuff everyone gets to see. BOOST AWAY! BOOST BOOST BOOST

Maybe time for an #introduction ?


I'm a beer #historian . I specialise in beer history in Ireland & the UK, esp. women in #beer #history

I have 2 books coming in 2024.

1. W/ CAMRA -on the history of brewing women in the UK

2. W/ Nine Bean Rows - history of beer in Ireland

I'm a historian on @beerladiespod.

& I recreate historical beer/beer cocktails/food like medieval small beer!

#histodons #mastodaoine #beertwitter #IrishMastodon #irishtwitter #beerblog #ireland #medieval

For those of you moving over from the and hoping to connect with friends, this site is pretty amazing at helping you easily find and follow them.

If you are new to #mastodon, migrating from #twitter and you love to post videos, please consider posting your video over at a hosting site such as Youtube or Vimeo (others exist). Then post the link, it should show and play in your Toot.
It saves your server from having to store and stream huge quantities of extra data.

I will give big points to the first news organization, big or small, that:
* Sets up an instance for its newsroom,
* Sets up an instance for the community it serves,
* Enables rel=me for staff,
* Creates a boost-on-Mastodon sharing function,
* Enhances that function so headlines/images (with alt-text) appear in the toot,
* Covers the Fediverse as more than a geeky curiosity or alt-Twitter,
* Listens to and joins in the conversation here.

GOP operative Jesse Benton has been convicted for funneling money from a Russian national to the Trump campaign’s joint fundraising committee in a straw donor scheme

Background on OpenSecrets:

#SomethingBeautiful Evening clouds turning golden behind the massive dome of Florence’s cathedral

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