Sooo today is and area companies JP Licks and Grillos Pickles (both of whom I'm big fans of) have teamed up to make . I'm a freak for ice cream and I ❀️ me some good pickles, but really not sure I could do this. Could you?

I did my intro toot back in 2017, so revisiting:

I'm Crystal, the author of FEAST OF SORROW, about the ancient Roman gourmand Apicius, and THE CHEF'S SECRET, about the famous Renaissance chef Bartolomeo Scappi. πŸ’πŸ–πŸ₯§πŸ·

I'm also the Academy social media professor.

Interested in:

Hi all! I'm so thrilled to say that I'll be doing a holiday book fair with the Arlington Author Salon on Nov 12th. Come buy a book from me or one of the more than 2 dozen authors there. A signed book makes a wonderful holiday present!

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