The trainwreck that is the really hurts my heart. But what I do love about Mastodon is that it feels like how Twitter used to feel before the last 5-6 years, where people were generally respectful, interested and interesting. It's a bit of much-neeeded fresh air. I

@Crystallyn I completely agree. Hoping to build up a following here where we can be civil and kind to one another.

@Crystallyn I think I am feeling as clumsy here as I did on 2010 Twitter, so this checks out.

@Crystallyn it’s wild to see people who, over with the birds, have a truckload of followers and here they have 150 because they opened their account two days ago. Feels so ground floor.

@connie It took me over a decade to get the 25K+ followers I had there (but have lost about 800 in the last two weeks). I had carefully curated who I followed too and that's what I'll miss the most.

@Crystallyn I haven't used Twitter much for the past couple of years. It ruined my mood if I lingered for too long, for many of the same reasons you suggest. I still do some book promotion there with mixed results. I like that things here are decentralized. Thanks for the follow.

@ElgonWilliams It's much mellower here without the algorithm to push things at you!

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