Sooo today is and area companies JP Licks and Grillos Pickles (both of whom I'm big fans of) have teamed up to make . I'm a freak for ice cream and I ❀️ me some good pickles, but really not sure I could do this. Could you?

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@Crystallyn Well, it's easy for me to be brave, as the pickeled ice cream is not right in front of me for tasting it πŸ¦πŸ˜…

@arboviral I keep thinking, ok, maybe I would like it. I had some amazing cheese gelato in Italy recently. But this seems a lot more out there!

@Crystallyn A friend hosts a "Sundaes on Saturday" party every summer and she and her boyfriend always make a least one odd flavor for adventure's sake. As it would happen, pickle is one of the past flavors they've created, and I did try it. It's certainly an interesting flavor, but I wouldn't suggest paying for a full serving without requesting a sample spoon first.

@Crystallyn Yes, please. Before JP Licks, it was Herrell's Ice Cream in Allston (RIP) where I was introduced to more creative flavors. Earl Gray was the best! Now, I have a 4 year old who will eat a side of pickles and capers, so I think we need a special trip...

@mediaseth Christina's also has really adventurous flavors sometimes too. This one seems a little bit out there for me. And I LOVE Grillos and JP Licks, but maybe not together.

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