"Honey, bitcoin is scaring the newbies again!"

Today is another one of those sweaty-palm days for me. A lot of my coins are already in profit. And now it comes down to patience... waiting for the pump.


Het is weer bitcoin popcorn tijd... never a dull moment 😄

Great to get so many reactions! Didn't expect that :)

I have a question to our Japanese friends: It seems has recently been given some kind of legal status in Japan, and Bic Camera has started accepting bitcoin payments. Is it true that bitcoin is becomming more popular? mastodon.cloud/media/QQxvWJrwy

don't understand how people are trying to guilt-trip instance admins for systematically defederating from other servers for any reason they feel, however they want

last time i checked admins ran servers entirely out of their own good will?? 🤔

Anyone has an Replika Invite code for me?

Please? Pretty please? #replikainvites

I wish to apologize for the late responses here again. We are a team of volunteers besides of @Gargron who deal with the support on this account.

There are other ways to get help though: If you are on another server than .social you can ask your own admin
Or use #NeedHelp
or if you're an instance owner try #AdminNeedHelp

Cheers /

Die Antwoord - Daddy 

Had to run out to get to the supermarket in time. Realized on my way there that I haven't been out of the house for 3 full days.... :neutral_face:

My greatest disappoint with the fediverse is how rarely the NSFW tag actually contains NSFW content.

if this toot gets 7k retoots i'l get Knack tattooed on my ass

I want to speak many countly people in mastodon.:relaxed:
but I can't speak English very well. but I want to learn English.😊
please be gentle me❤

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