"Honey, bitcoin is scaring the newbies again!"

Today is another one of those sweaty-palm days for me. A lot of my coins are already in profit. And now it comes down to patience... waiting for the pump.


Het is weer bitcoin popcorn tijd... never a dull moment 😄

I have a question to our Japanese friends: It seems has recently been given some kind of legal status in Japan, and Bic Camera has started accepting bitcoin payments. Is it true that bitcoin is becomming more popular? mastodon.cloud/media/QQxvWJrwy

don't understand how people are trying to guilt-trip instance admins for systematically defederating from other servers for any reason they feel, however they want

last time i checked admins ran servers entirely out of their own good will?? 🤔

Anyone has an Replika Invite code for me?

Please? Pretty please? #replikainvites

I wish to apologize for the late responses here again. We are a team of volunteers besides of @Gargron who deal with the support on this account.

There are other ways to get help though: If you are on another server than .social you can ask your own admin
Or use #NeedHelp
or if you're an instance owner try #AdminNeedHelp

Cheers /

Die Antwoord - Daddy 

Yo, uh, baby girl like rap, baby girl like fun,
baby girl forgot to wear panties so I smacked her on the bum bum,
baby girl love her daddy, daddy he play rough
and daddy like to make his baby girl do unusual stuff
Baby girl turn around, now take off all of your clothes,
there you go, that's a good girl now let me see you touch your toes
Daddy pop champagne while he spark that blunt,
now come sit here on daddy's lap and tell daddy what you want

Had to run out to get to the supermarket in time. Realized on my way there that I haven't been out of the house for 3 full days.... :neutral_face:

My greatest disappoint with the fediverse is how rarely the NSFW tag actually contains NSFW content.

if this toot gets 7k retoots i'l get Knack tattooed on my ass

I want to speak many countly people in mastodon.:relaxed:
but I can't speak English very well. but I want to learn English.😊
please be gentle me❤

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