Last time i tried this effect using tissue addon. This time it is fully procedural using sverchok dual mesh and Animation nodes. Also added user interface for quick access.
#Blender3d #sverchok #animationnodes #mograph

When you don't know anything about a computer subject: "This is black magic"

When you start learning: "Oh, that makes sense. This isn't magic, it's just doing this and then that"

When you learn more: "Oh god there's a lot more black magic involved than I thought"

SOCIALIST REALISM: Before the cosmonaut can take their first step, an army of workers must crunch numbers, fabricate parts, draft blueprints, and test and design rocketry.

CAPITALISM: uuuhh Elon Musk makes the rockets go.

Buon 25 aprile. Per festeggiare quei ragazzi che ci hanno ridato la libertà, contro coloro che l'avevano negata e tolta.

NEW VIDEO. Color graded. Remixed. Re-edited to increase awesomeness by 90%. Even if you saw the livestream of my @blender_org presentation, I highly recommend watching this new "official" version! #b3d

Daniel Martinez Lara blurs the boundary between 2D and 3D animation with Grease Pencil and talks about the future of animation

If #article13 censorship is adopted I will:

* boycott products from industries who pushed it;
* violate their copyright as political gesture of civil disobedience;
* dedicate resources to decentralized means of circumvention;
* convince 10 friends to do the same.

RT if u too!

Lenin: Democracy means equality. The great significance of the proletariat's struggle for equality and of equality as a slogan will be clear if we correctly interpret it as meaning the abolition of classes. But democracy means only formal equality. And as soon as equality is achieved for all members of society in relation to ownership of the means of production, that is, equality of labor and wages, humanity will inevitably be confronted with the question of advancing father, from formal equality to actual equality, i.e., to the operation of the rule “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

Pick again 5 games. Modern ones, this time.

. Kerbal space program
. Inside
. Assetto corsa
. Journey

. Lode runner
. Bagman
. Front mission
. Another world
. Inside

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