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@JohannesMauritzen the company messed up big time when they, as you pointed out, didn't offer escalating bids.

Coming from a military cop background, I honestly think that the cops who assaulted that man and dragged him off the plane were more than happy to do so.
And plenty of people will say ' well, he should've followed orders', as if not following a verbal command gives someone the right to assault a person. No, no it does not. It was not legal.

This is a public service announcement
With guitar
Know your rights!
All three of them

Things I like about Mastodon (an incomplete list)

- all of the languages.
-No favorite count. People aren't starring things bc other people have starred them.
- exposure to a lot of other user's viewpoints in federated and local. Can also curate my own space (home).

@JohannesMauritzen it is mind boggling, and I'm heartened that public reaction had been swift and critical. Now, if the people responsible are brought to justice....???. As of now, It looks like the Chicago police department are backing up the airport police's actions. Oof.

I'm not even getting into improper use of force. Or the racism.

@erico I'm gonna write them down....

And set the list on fire.

But I'll probably end up setting the house on fire, and then my brain'll be like ' how are you going to add THIS to the list, fool?

Oh, yes, it's that time of night where - despite having a lovely day- my brain has to analyze everything because it's sure positive absolutely confident that I've done *something* wrong, and thinking about all the wrong things somehow makes things better.


So, are instances going to be like Hogwarts houses?

People kind of fight over which house is better, and feel vindicated when <insert fave celebrity> joins their "house"? I am seeing your content in federated.

(Zelda's techno-cauldron is cool)

@cdogzilla it's going to be challenging, but worth it. I'm sure you'll do well. I'm positive you'll surprise yourself.

3 months is a decent amount of time to train.

Most of all, have fun!!!

@Prescient so, you and I......we seem to be trading tolerances.

I'd say let me know when you can watch the doctor operate on you, ( like I used to be able to do), but I'm afraid just hearing about it will flatten me.

Have fun with your nerves of steel!

- jelly legs

Damn near passed out today because I *looked* at my two stitches.

Never had that happen before. Had to lay myself down on the bathroom floor, pissed off, all the while chanting 'well, this is some bullshit.'

Is this a getting older thing?

@rbrt1k ALL of the time!!!

good tidings to those in the future and those in the past. Those in the present already know I wish you well.

@pikwik that's pretty cool. Isn't it fantastic that we can get pictures from people in space?

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