@Meshelly I think their strategy is this- a sense of obligation.

I once worked in a jewelry store. One of the unwritten tactics was if you *went through all the torment and toil of opening up a case and putting a piece of jewelry in the customer's hand*.... they felt obligated. Indebted.

I kid you not, it worked about 60% of the time, and it cost me nothing.

@Meshelly the only thing they're showing is that they're bad with money.

@Meshelly we've had organizations send us real paper money in their requests for donations. Matter of fact, it happened today.

We put that money in our dog's little purse. She's got about $10 now (coins and bills).

Not once have we sent a donation to these organizations.

@catwatch look for the higher-rated geocaches.

There are a lot of cachers out there that seem to think that giving a hint like 'NEAR WOOD', while you're in the forest (!?!) is a good clue.

@Meshelly " I'm looking for one like that. Can you give me your breeder's contact info?"

@catwatch my sister once had me hike up a mountain because, she said, 'the view is supposed to be really good '.

It wasn't. There wasn't a view at all.

But there was a geocache.

I don't trust geocachers anymore.

TIL about water opossums.

I also learned that if you look them up on Google images, you might be left with the impression that their standard stance is remarkably similar to someone who has returned from shopping to find that their entire house has been stolen.

Imagine little grocery bags being dropped.

We took our dog to go lick cows today.
The cows lick her, too. Everyone seems happy with the arrangement.

@ichiro I prefer to eat before, and consider it an extra special day if I can keep a burrito down in spin class.

@JohannesMauritzen I just looked it up and they were Chicago's police, specifically assigned to the airport. So, not private security.

Chicago police are notorious for being heavy-handed. chicagobusiness.com/article/20

@JohannesMauritzen I agree with you. It's failure all the way down. The first fact is, the airline itself goofed, and should've eaten a massive cost (pay people to volunteer) to get their own people on the plane. The people in charge were constantly escalating the situation. And the 'apology' letter from United's CEO is appalling and tone-deaf.

@lattera the only cool thing about headwind is, if you close your eyes (OMG DON"T DO THAT), it feels like you're going waaay faster.

@erdal just so you know, I'm going to be wrong ALL THE TIME

I think people would enjoy this. Set something up.

@erdal I'm hoping it would be a little like 'Wait wait, don't tell me' or 'QI'.

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