The United story ( is really beyond comprehension. First, I thought airlines were required to bid up the price until someone accepts, whether 1000 or 10,000 dollars. And even if they aren't by law required, what an idiotic, self-inflicted and in the end hugely expensive wound it is to forcibly drag a paying customer off a flight. Just wow.

@JohannesMauritzen it is mind boggling, and I'm heartened that public reaction had been swift and critical. Now, if the people responsible are brought to justice....???. As of now, It looks like the Chicago police department are backing up the airport police's actions. Oof.

I'm not even getting into improper use of force. Or the racism.

@CraigHStuart This seems to be part of the problem - everyone *individually* was just doing their job, following company policy and apparently the law (?). No one was empowered to just say, hey stop, this is ethically wrong, and oh, by the way, also a huge corporate mistake. This was a company culture mistake, and in the end it is the CEO and other executives that are responsible for this. Heads should roll.

@JohannesMauritzen the company messed up big time when they, as you pointed out, didn't offer escalating bids.

Coming from a military cop background, I honestly think that the cops who assaulted that man and dragged him off the plane were more than happy to do so.
And plenty of people will say ' well, he should've followed orders', as if not following a verbal command gives someone the right to assault a person. No, no it does not. It was not legal.

@CraigHStuart But I do wonder, what if the police (were they police or private security?) got to the airplane, saw the situation, and just said, yeah, no we are not forcibly removing a paying customer who has not done anything wrong or illegal. Fix the problem yourself.


@JohannesMauritzen I just looked it up and they were Chicago's police, specifically assigned to the airport. So, not private security.

Chicago police are notorious for being heavy-handed.

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