Serious post: Dear,
I can not in good conscience donate to your organization knowing that you are pissing away at least $2 in stamps and items in every envelope you send out asking for donations. That's a bit fucked.

@Meshelly we've had organizations send us real paper money in their requests for donations. Matter of fact, it happened today.

We put that money in our dog's little purse. She's got about $10 now (coins and bills).

Not once have we sent a donation to these organizations.

I just do NOOT understand their thinking. If you waste that much money, there is no WAY you are helping people. @CraigHStuart


@Meshelly I think their strategy is this- a sense of obligation.

I once worked in a jewelry store. One of the unwritten tactics was if you *went through all the torment and toil of opening up a case and putting a piece of jewelry in the customer's hand*.... they felt obligated. Indebted.

I kid you not, it worked about 60% of the time, and it cost me nothing.

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