Damn near passed out today because I *looked* at my two stitches.

Never had that happen before. Had to lay myself down on the bathroom floor, pissed off, all the while chanting 'well, this is some bullshit.'

Is this a getting older thing?

@CraigHStuart That's curious. I used to be so afraid of needles that I once passed out when the nurse tied off my arm to place an IV.

These days, I just criticize my wife for using the good hand towels to clean up the blood when I accidentally ripped my thumbnail off.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.


@Prescient so, you and I......we seem to be trading tolerances.

I'd say let me know when you can watch the doctor operate on you, ( like I used to be able to do), but I'm afraid just hearing about it will flatten me.

Have fun with your nerves of steel!

- jelly legs

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