Hubby is not into hiking along trails, and he made me climb this with him in search of a geocache--we didn't find it 😒


@catwatch my sister once had me hike up a mountain because, she said, 'the view is supposed to be really good '.

It wasn't. There wasn't a view at all.

But there was a geocache.

I don't trust geocachers anymore.

@CraigHStuart I feel you! This was our second time geocaching, and the first time we were 0/3 when it started getting dark and I was no longer willing to wander in the woods aimlessly.

This time we went 2/3 and I still am very skeptical about geocaching. The second one we found was behind a bunch of rocks, save for the head of an attached rubber snake 🐍

@catwatch look for the higher-rated geocaches.

There are a lot of cachers out there that seem to think that giving a hint like 'NEAR WOOD', while you're in the forest (!?!) is a good clue.

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