TIL about water opossums.

I also learned that if you look them up on Google images, you might be left with the impression that their standard stance is remarkably similar to someone who has returned from shopping to find that their entire house has been stolen.

Imagine little grocery bags being dropped.

We took our dog to go lick cows today.
The cows lick her, too. Everyone seems happy with the arrangement.

This is a public service announcement
With guitar
Know your rights!
All three of them


Things I like about Mastodon (an incomplete list)

- all of the languages.
-No favorite count. People aren't starring things bc other people have starred them.
- exposure to a lot of other user's viewpoints in federated and local. Can also curate my own space (home).

Oh, yes, it's that time of night where - despite having a lovely day- my brain has to analyze everything because it's sure positive absolutely confident that I've done *something* wrong, and thinking about all the wrong things somehow makes things better.


So, are instances going to be like Hogwarts houses?

People kind of fight over which house is better, and feel vindicated when <insert fave celebrity> joins their "house"?

Damn near passed out today because I *looked* at my two stitches.

Never had that happen before. Had to lay myself down on the bathroom floor, pissed off, all the while chanting 'well, this is some bullshit.'

Is this a getting older thing?

So, the federated timeline is jumping today.

Gonna be great when more people show up and make it unreadable (so many toots. So many)

I read @Xeni's rec to join mastodon.

Next day, I forgot the name and was furiously googling 'mammoth'.

Big prehistoric fuzz-elephants, amirite?

Easy way to get my beloved G sing by using a single fingertip:

Press play on any Simon & Garfunkel song.

Contrast this with the usual emo/gritty/grimdark usual versions of Vanitas paintings.....

(also from the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

museum of art


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I like Herman Henstenburgh's Vanitas, because it's:

-saturated pretty flowers
-more saturated pretty flowers, la di da.

Like Seanan McGuire's 'Cover It In Glitter, And You Can Destroy the World' article here-

Image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


I saw misread a 'Bob Foss landscaping' sign today, and just imagined a poofy-headed guy delighted with all of his happy little trees.

Small outpatient surgery today on my middle finger, so now I can't feel it.

Typing with a numb finger.... it's something.

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