@heyyou Pleased with the final result. I'd like the internal texture to be craggier and for it to have a bit more chew. Any suggestions?

@heyyou I might make another dough tonight then, and let it rest overnight. The nice thing about experimenting with bread making is that the most expensive thing is probably the electricity for the oven. 😀

@heyyou Well, that and I'm gonna run out of pie plates eventually

@CraigCottingham zoom and enhance for full deets. It makes two loaves. Also here’s some apricot walnut I’m breakfasting on this week

@CraigCottingham derp missed a pic. That’s in a beeswrap which is awesome for keeping bread.

@CraigCottingham try the book, but also if you wanna come over and make some bread one of these days I’m game

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