So. Pyrex is still susceptible to thermal shock.


I'll post pictures once the oven has cooled down.


@CraigCottingham is this an old Pyrex new Pyrex thing? I heard they changed omaomething some years back but didn’t keep track.

@heyyou I think it was just me making a boneheaded mistake. I used a Pyrex pie pan instead of a metal pan to add water to the oven for the bake, but I let the pan get too hot before I poured the water in.

@CraigCottingham ha, yeah okay. I’m going to assume that was some pie plate you really hated but couldn’t throw out because it’s funnier that way.

Have you read flour water salt yeast by Ken forkish? It is an excellent bread book.

@heyyou I have not read that yet. Just added it to my list.

@CraigCottingham cool, just don’t bother making a kilo of starter. He kinda forgot to scale that down for home use.

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