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Random picture I took on a beach.

This is where is held. A music festival.

@Gargron Hihi can I be added to your modlist on reddit? In /r/MastodonSocial. Let's get the sub up and running to promote Mastodon

(I'm pretty experienced with modding, check


This part is the "before" 

And this is where the "after" content will be. If you're sharing images/videos, and you want them to show up after "show more", you'll need to mark them as NSFW.

Ice-T was looking kind of old, but he put on a great show. @shafiqrosli

Saw Ice-T tonight. At the end of his set he started telling pedo jokes. Was not expecting that.

Tonight I saw Onyx, 2 Live Crew, Swollen Members, Insane Clown Posse, plus a bunch of others. Long ass night. Fun though. Saw lots of boobs. Took 799 pictures.

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