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Thanks, I just wanted to put something together that I would use. I'm no fancy pants writer or anything, just wanted to help. Still use Twitter all day every day, but I'm digging Mastodon. right, I should clarify that. Just kind of went the simple route.

Been playing Quake Champions. New online Quake game. It's in closed beta so I'm not supposed to discuss it's contents ala NDA.

It's.. kinda fun? So many micro transactions.. really don't like that.

Pretty similar to Quake Live I guess.

@arjaybe I hadn't considered it. What do you think would be a good idea to add?

Getting too specific on how to use things might not pan out, since Mastodon is changing and growing rapidly, it'll be out of date soon :(

Wish I had more friends on here. Have sooo many people on Twitter, not really a single friend on here lol

How are you liking it? negative. Asking the admins, basically.

@tell_a_lie been interesting watching how fast some countries have adopted Mastodon :)

The Federated timeline used to be like 99% French. Now it's Korean (or Chinese or Japanese? I'm not sure which)

@snickler you can make an account on any instance, they all talk to each other (unless an instance has blocked an entire instance).

@butlermatt wish I had that kind of super power. Can barely even do html these days thanks to CMS's lol

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