@Crackmacs Good piece. Nice clear introduction. Do you think you might follow up with a simple users guide? Sorry about the Flames.


@arjaybe I hadn't considered it. What do you think would be a good idea to add?

Getting too specific on how to use things might not pan out, since Mastodon is changing and growing rapidly, it'll be out of date soon :(

Wish I had more friends on here. Have sooo many people on Twitter, not really a single friend on here lol

How are you liking it?

@Crackmacs Fine so far. A little at sea. I don't know what to suggest besides "explain everything I don't know."-) Is code used to put in a URL, for instance?

@Crackmacs hey thanks! Maybe now I'm finally able to get my avatar up!

@Crackmacs the federated timeline has people from your instance plus the ones they follow, as long as the server is not being actively blocked by your instance.

@alexandros right, I should clarify that. Just kind of went the simple route.

@alexandros updated.

Thanks, I just wanted to put something together that I would use. I'm no fancy pants writer or anything, just wanted to help. Still use Twitter all day every day, but I'm digging Mastodon.

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