So I figured out something odd in Federated Timeline.

I just had a 2 day old Toot show up in my federated timeline... it appears that someone replied to that toot about 3 minutes ago (where it should appear). But for some reason the federated timeline showed me the original, 2 day old toot, not the 2 minute old reply toot.

@butlermatt Ahhh, interesting. That is a plausible explanation for some of the chronological weirdness.

@cc @Crackmacs Unfortunately, it doesn't explain _why_ the original toot was displayed rather than the individual's reply to it.

@Crackmacs @gargron Meh when I'm less lazy, maybe I'll go through the source myself and see what I can dig up.
Would love to play around with it myself, but I already have so many projects on the go lol


@butlermatt wish I had that kind of super power. Can barely even do html these days thanks to CMS's lol

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