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When I say "Alexa play The Communists Have the Music" it says "here's a station you might like"

When I say "Alexa play The Communists Have the Music by They Might Be Giants" it says "shuffling songs by They Might Be Giants"

If it just didn't have the song in its library it would've said "I can't find The Communists Have the Music"

So what this tells me is it filters out the word "communist" entirely

Holy shit

Dear Every Phone Manufacturer (looking at you Google): any form of slippery back is fine on a phone if - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - you make the sides of the phone grippy. Why does no one get this?

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I do hope they come to Mastodon and not yet another centralized silo πŸ˜‡

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Google+ shutting down is kind of large

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#inktober (not doing it consistently this year, just whenever I can!)

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I might get another degree someday. Master's, not PhD. But the real challenge is that I'm not sure I could be happy focusing on just one area of history. I have SO many historical interests:

- labor
- public works/construction/design
- nuclear things
- women's things
- peace/pacifism/anabaptist things

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Thing that I've learned:

* Library card β‰  reading books
* Owning books β‰  reading books
* Nearby coffee shop β‰  reading books
* Friends reading books β‰  reading books


A half-hour daily commute on the metro = reading hella books

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Satan: I'm just saying, most people ask for wealth or power or immortality, or

Me: Look, do you have the chocolate covered almonds or not

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i set up a progress sheet in my planner for the print comic and it's kind of neat seeing my page layouts next to each other all abstracted, i've never bothered to do this before

Unpopular opinion: apps receiving a dark mode is *not* newsworthy.

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This seems like a good time for a PSA:

If in the future you see something on a public-facing webpage you want to make a durable record of for use as evidence, don't take a screenshot. Those are -- understandably -- widely considered too easy to fabricate.

Instead, snapshot the page with the Internet Archive. It'll log a timestamped copy of the page to their servers. Highly tamper-resistant. ("save page now", bottom-right)

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hey Mastodon

I'm a useless wreck. I'm #trans. Pronouns she/her. looking for a sense of community

This is a REAL THING I found at a used bookstore.

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:drake_dislike: FASCISM

:drake_dislike: CURRENCY

:drake_like: ZOOLOGY

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i got my new planner set up and i'm trying an hourly schedule in addition to my checklists, partially to motivate me with LISTEN EIGHT HOURS OF ISNT A LOT FOR COMICS but also i can look at it and go "there IS enough time for everything tho, see look, you can take 20 minutes to workout/cook food"

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