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I thought Sunday mornings were bad (I work Sun-Wed), but I've been unable to shake the drowsiness off this morning.

software licensing hot take 

I really want to see LGR review System76s new workstation.

Mondays are still Mondays, even if they are the second work day of your week.

There's a special rung in hell reserved for people who target spambots at IRC channels. 😡

Trying out the toot client for Mastodon. Tooting from the terminal, this is fun. Thank @popey for the snap!

Sunday morning, that means back to work for me.

Giving Whalebird a try for a desktop Mastadon client. Let's see how well this works for helping me be active on here.

Sunday, that means the start of another work week for me. Oh well, the weekend was fun while it lasted.

Today's LUG meeting had an attendance of 11 work a great presentation about Peertube.

I am really enjoying Plasma 5.14. It just keeps getting better and better.

I really need to check this thing more often, especially with Google+ going away.

Getting back into using RSS Feeds. Setup the News App on my Nextcloud instance and installed the Android app. So far a really nice experience.

You know the humidity is bad when you walk outside and you can no longer see out your glasses.

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