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So yesterday I was having some fun playing with streaming PulseAudio over my local network. I think it's really cool that I can take the audio from one machine and listen to it with speakers or headphones plugged into a different machine on the network.

Watching Grand Tour
https ://

Fun fact: The number of users now exceeds the population of .

This feels like the g+ safe haven I've been looking for.

Had a fun night in Kansas City last night! First at Up Down, and then walked over to Grinders Pizza.

Decided to use Mastodon in Brave as a full screen app for now. Will try the proper apps later​ on when they get a bit more mature.

What is everyone using for a mobile client? I tried Tusky, but it doesn't accept the instance I'm on. Using the browser right now.

Checking out this Mastodon thing! It's pretty cool! :sunglasses:

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