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Looking like I'm going to have next Wednesday off, sweet!

Well now that I have a new phone that isn't stock on Android 7.0, I'm finally giving Tusky a try. Why hello there Mastadon.

When your wireless provider partners with your airline to give you free WiFi.

Currently on my way to Seattle. Also, ended up scoring free WiFi on the flight just by being a T-Mobile customer.

Somebody tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. Certain GTK3 applications, such as Evolution, are not allowing me to do unfocused scrolling. That might just be one of the things that keeps me on Thunderbird or just simply going to KMail.

Welp, there it was. The final LAS I will be watching from the comfort of home. I'll be at the final episode of LAS at LFNW next weekend in Bellingham Washington! Bittersweet, but I can't wait!

Getting ready to watch the 2nd to last Linux Action Show. I'll be at the final one in person at LFNW next weekend!

Would definitely love to see more of the developers I follow on G+ make the jump over to Mastodon.

So yesterday I was having some fun playing with streaming PulseAudio over my local network. I think it's really cool that I can take the audio from one machine and listen to it with speakers or headphones plugged into a different machine on the network.

Watching Grand Tour
https ://

Fun fact: The number of users now exceeds the population of .

This feels like the g+ safe haven I've been looking for.

Had a fun night in Kansas City last night! First at Up Down, and then walked over to Grinders Pizza.

Decided to use Mastodon in Brave as a full screen app for now. Will try the proper apps later​ on when they get a bit more mature.

What is everyone using for a mobile client? I tried Tusky, but it doesn't accept the instance I'm on. Using the browser right now.

Checking out this Mastodon thing! It's pretty cool! :sunglasses:

Generalistic and moderated instance.