For anything in the KC or Lawrence area the Lawrence LUG now has a Get Together Team:

Sunday night, that means back to work. I some mind working Sundays, but being on nights again takes getting used to. I don't see ads on YouTube at all, mostly because I liked Google's music streaming and I'm still grandfathered in on the old deal where both Google Play Music and YouTube Red were a single subscription.

I'm also on Project Fi, so that's another Google service I'm using regularly. @SolusSpider I absolutely love Dolphin, my favorite file manager hands down.

Readjusting to that night shift life is going to take some time.

Woke up at 8am this morning. I have a feeling that Sunday night is going to be rough.

It's my Friday! Also my last day on days for a bit.

@SolusSpider I don't think my bank account would appreciate it. Well, at the very least it's my Friday.

It's too cold today. Can I just go back to bed?

I thought Sunday mornings were bad (I work Sun-Wed), but I've been unable to shake the drowsiness off this morning.

@popey Don't let Ryan know, he might call you a dirty dual booter. :P

software licensing hot take 

I really want to see LGR review System76s new workstation. I remember getting in trouble in school as a kid for printing off cheat codes in class. 😂

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