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Testimonials: Kim Dotcom

Whilst yet defending himself against the U.S. gov., Kim Dotcom states here that (pdf protectsuzie.com/Kim_Dotcom_Re) he both knows and supports @Suzie3D@twitter.com. And he is familiar with types of extrajudicial targeting she experienced.

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This photo should be part of history.

UK justice is a fraud.


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Read this op-ed for yet another example of Tulsi making a vehement critique of Trump, but doing it in a way that does not necessarily alienate Trump supporters. If you don't see the political value in her repeated ability to do this, you're out of your mind

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In the minds of certain people with big platforms on this website, Tulsi is not "progressive" despite taking the extreme risk of directly calling out the CIA/FBI for interfering in US elections. Makes you wonder what their definition of "progressive" is twitter.com/thehill/status/123

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"Reckless claims by anonymous officials that Russia is 'helping' @BernieSanders@twitter.com are deeply irresponsible. I am calling on all presidential candidates to condemn any interference in our elections by out-of-control intelligence agencies." Read more: tulsi.to/op-Ed

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Last year a video of three men eating out of a garbage truck went viral to justify US intervention in Venezuela, but this is the reality on the ground in Los Angeles, one of the biggest cities in the US, and the ruling class doesn’t make a peep.

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We are about to go LIVE with our final DC wrap up stream!


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URGENT: The persecution by DOJ doesn't end upon release. We have an extremely talented person who MUST obtain a job before next week. If you have any leads on remote work, please contact us immediately, and we will put you in touch with this person. Rt, please.

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Testimonials: John Kiriakou. Whistle-blower: @Suzi3D@twitter.com likely has the attention of the Eastern District of Virginia & federal prosecutors working on ’s case. (pdf protectsuzie.com/John_K_Statem ). There is little chance of defence!

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I know I already tweeted this, but I’m tweeting it again. Girl straight up called out everyone. She even went straight at the intelligence agencies for their bullshit. Like her, love her, or hate her, this is pure badassery.


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I’ll keep everyone updated as I know more, but even Jeremy doesn’t know the reason for the move at this point, nor when he is expected to get out. He does have phone access and can call people. Again, I will provide more information as it becomes available.

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Jeremy was supposed to be off lockdown, but has instead been moved to administrative segregation (solitary) for unknown reasons. I just spoke with him on the phone - he seems in good spirits, but is frustrated because he wasn’t told why he was moved and not released. twitter.com/freejeremynet/stat

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. ⁦@TulsiGabbard@twitter.com⁩ speaks Truth to Power once again. Here she shows true courage & leadership by calling out the constant interference in our elections by the always pro-war & pro-empire “Intelligence Community”.


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Cost of repairing Flint's water pipes: $55 million

Cost of Mike Bloomberg's ad spending: $505.8 million

America deserves better than an oligarch wasting his fortune trying to buy the presidency. twitter.com/Mike2020/status/12

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Part 2 of the CMU series:

How the IRS and DOJ Set Up Donald Reynolds Using Dubious Firearms Charges—Part 2 of the CMU Series

From "Operation Fast and Furious" To Slow and Spurious?


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