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sin.tgz.gpg: 7e3e7aa80298072d507a8c5bb4b7272caa8fcda693f64db7c44c63f801387bc8

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Planning to watch the @F1@twitter.com in ? Social media activist+mom of 4 Najah Yusef is held in prison 20 kilometers from the race track. @F1@twitter.com @FIA@twitter.com leaders @JeanTodt@twitter.com should go visit her in prison: @HRW@twitter.com hrw.org/news/2019/03/21/racing

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@carolecadwalla@twitter.com No surprise to see a Guardian 'journalist' embracing an infamous US government jet associated with renditions on UK soil. Perhaps you can sell more ads for brown olives or the Saudi dictatorship with a story about it? twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1

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As white nationalism and Nazi activity continues to rise worldwide...

Charlottesville, VA police arrest teen in connection with racist 4chan threats against high school apple.news/A22_weZkDTkuwTxwnhc

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presenta The Cube of Truth en Huesca.
Si eres activista por los derechos de los animales y quieres conocer una performance impactante y efectiva, no dejes de acudir a esta cita.

Coordina Amnistía Animal Huesca @AmAnimal_HU@twitter.com 👉facebook.com/events/3166188392 👇👇

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Is any Trump associate braver than alleged whistleblower Chelsea Manning who has gone back to jail rather than break her principles & testify in secret against WikiLeaks? A 5'2 geeky bespectacled transgender woman is outpunching, it seems, every "mucho" Trump associate in bravery

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Who knew the “revolution” would involve kissing the ass of Hillary Clinton. It’s all been a joke and I’m ready for pitchforks and guillotines.

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A build up of plain clothes ear-piece wearing operatives around the Ecuador embassy in London in the last two days has been sighted by Julian Assange's lawyers. There are normally 2-4 plainclothes British operatives present. The reason for the increase is not publicly known.

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No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State - bit.ly/2wEVhfq

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"We gave the best we had to give.

How much, they'll never know....

...they'll never know."

~~ Days Between - Grateful Dead

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‘Chelsea Manning Claims She Was Illegally Spied on Prior to WikiLeaks Subpoena’ sputniknews.com/us/20190321107 via @SputnikInt@twitter.com

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A threat on 4chan led to school closures across Charlottesville today. A user claiming to be a student said they were going to commit "ethnic cleansing."

4chan was banned in NZ for hosting the shooting video. Its users also helped plan Unite the Right.


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The confirmation of the US’s intent to extradite and prosecute Assange also confirms what his supporters have stated for years: Assange is a political prisoner.

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Governments may rise and fall for reasons which appear insignificant, Prince. What small events! An argument between two women...which way the wind blows on a certain day... a sneeze, a cough, the length of a garment or the chance collision of a fleck of sand and a courtier's eye

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The 'Assange Precedent': How the Trump administration is using its case against WikiLeaks as an 'icebreaker' that will crush press freedoms, globally defend.wikileaks.org/2019/03/1

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