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Press Release - American Gestapo: The True History & Purpose Of The FBI | pastebin.com/1159EYa5 |

"This book is meant to be nothing less than a well documented and scathing critique of one of the most powerful and evil national police forces in world history."

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Live: @ElizabethleaVos@twitter.com is reading a letter from in Belmarsh prison, to activist @GordonDimmack@twitter.com.

I can't prepare my defence. No computer, no internet, no library as yet. Visits only twice a month, hard to arrange. No one can ring me.

Everyone must take my place...

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"counting on you and others of good character to save my life. I am unbroken, albeit literally surrounded by murderers, but, the days where I could read and speak and organize to defend myself, my ideals, and my people are over until I am free!"
Assange, May 23 2019

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Snowden warned in 2014 that even a President could be targeted. But long before "intelligence agencies were used against a President", they were used against ordinary citizens: activists, journalists, academics, dissenters.

Who will rein the agencies in? Who opposes them now?

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⏳ EVENT βŒ›οΈ

2019 Nobel Peace Prize nominee!

News/disc w/ informed supporters. Incl. Fmr Intel officers/diplomats!

Friday, May 24, 2019



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(Hey IBM, I thought hacktivism was dead?) Maker Of US Border's License-plate Scanning Tech Ransacked By Hacker & Blueprints/Files Dumped Online | theregister.co.uk/2019/05/23/p | Register Report |

I don't fight so that the children won't have to.

I fight so the children will learn how to.

It bears remembering the dualistic view that freedom will always need to be fought for, it'll never be easy.

The moment you no longer have to fight for your liberty, it will cease to mean anything. Freedom is priceless precisely because everyone always wants to take it from you.

We're coming to the final crux of the war with Empire. Don't look left or right. Don't be distracted by anyone's utopia. The ONLY thing that's real is when the tear gas is flying & there's flames everywhere, & you reach out & grab your comrades hand. We only have each other now.

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β€œThe state is too powerful to be smashed, but we can peacefully take it over.”

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SLS Begins Insulation Process for Booster Segments for Second Flight via NASA go.nasa.gov/2Vf5oA8

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We don't need to 'pause' police use of face recognitionβ€”just ban it forever gizmo.do/YhITK96

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With the historic Chagos vote endorsing the ICJ Advisory Opinion at the UN General Assembly, a look back at the cable that revealed the UK-US plan to establish a marine reserve to "make it difficult, if not impossible" for Chagossians to return home.


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: Comrades erected flaming barricades and clashed with police forces outside the University of , during protest in memory of anarchist compaΓ±ero Mauricio Morales, fallen in action on May 22nd 2009 while he intended to attack the prison guards school.

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