I will never forget that it was James Comey who chased me for a decade, all the way into political asylum in Mexico.

And on July 4th, I will exact my revenge - from exile....with the truth about the FBI.


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This is wild.

It’s a protest against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

Where the organizers spent hours placing countless Xs so people could maintain distance.


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A couple of pictures I took recently. Me and my boys!


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My favorite from November, 2011 during the @OccupyOakland@twitter.com and We succeeded in shutting down the ports! Will try to dig some up from the @CSUstrike@twitter.com also.

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I think this is still the most precious thing I’ve ever witnessed on the internet.

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"Macron said we were at war, so we workers took over the McDonald's and use it as a solidarity platform."⁠
These French workers took over a McDonald's restaurant in Marseille and now use it distribute food aid for to poor families affected by the pandemic.⁠

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If I am dispensible, you are also dispensible.....know that!

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Please donate to Julian Assange's official defense fund. Your support is vital.


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If a group of African-American men had shown up at a State Capitol to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and were carrying firearms like this, they’d all be dead.

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Some good education about and anti-hierarchical revolution south of the imaginary U.S. Border in the lands known as Mexico. The documentary is entitled: To Those Who Work It: Ricardo Flores and the : youtube.com/watch?v=Ww46lxIc6-

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point in the race, Sanders had been #1 or #2. Mayor Pete was in single digits. Your CNN colleague somehow removed Sanders from his twitter poll in July. I don't expect you guys to admit your role in all of this, but have the decency to shut up instead of gaslighting people.

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Commander X: A Refugee In Mexico - Excelsior Report

(This is hands down the best Commander X artwork EVER produced so far. The article was amazing too, many thanks to Paul Lara for writing it.)


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Jared Chase should be free and back home, safe from , but he isn't, so I donated for his needs. jpay.com

You can donate too. What is the money for?

*Hygiene products
*Phone calls

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TomÑs IbÑñez: , A step closer towards what we already knew dlvr.it/RTyxsl

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