I'm so torn today. This poor little guy is one of Xander's best amigos in the neighborhood. He hurt is paw terrible bad, & is in agony. I so bad want to pop him in a cab right now & take him to the vet, but he's not mine and I am afraid to offend my neighbor. But its killing me.

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DM: ‘You come to large wooden door.’

Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’

DM: ‘An orc opens it and asks you to come in.’

Cat: ‘I do nothing.’

DM ‘He asks you to come inside again.’

Cat: ‘I do nothing.’

DM: ‘Eventually the orc tires and closes the door.’

Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’

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Years fighting for your freedom and many say it’s a lost cause but we are still doing it with our hearts in our hand, admiring you, thankful for every leak, for every sacrifice you’ve made, every fight you’ve fought for the truth, for humankind and convinced...without any doubt,

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Hey Twitter, in the words of Britney, don't you know that you're toxic?

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I wake up every day like its... Finish the phrase in a tweet

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🇲🇽Mexico City
Bella Artes, Mexico

🇲🇽Mexico City
FRI 24 JAN 2020
Angel de la Indepencia

British Consulate

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Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we love. But we are all a family. And we honor our fallen brothers and sisters.

RIP Steven Chaffin.

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Our heart breaks for all the migrants fleeing for their survival that were lied to and attacked by the Mexican National Guard today. The southern Mexico border is looking more and more like the US border everyday.

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Get the paste and op going! It's now time for another, , but this time a monster operation until he's released! All For One and One For All, United We Stand Divided We Will Fall!

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With each controversy sprouted in Washington and every childish insult thrown in Capitol Hill, it becomes ever clearer how necessary it is for New England to tread its own path towards independence.

(New England's flag in Boothbay, Maine)

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The guillotine has been been put up outside the Governor’s mansion in San Juan.

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WikiLeaks' Kristinn Hrafnsson: "We have now learned that the United States do not consider foreign nationals to have a first amendment protection...they have decided they have extra-territorial reach... This is extremely serious and of grave concern to all journalists"

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En México no hay represión.

GN ataca a caravana migrante. Libre paso en nuestro país.

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- Extinction Global: How OpenSimulator Can Save The World In A Fridge - Opensimulator has many faces. One is the ability to save the world. Opensimulator runs everywhere. Even on the Moon and on Mars and in THE WRONG router.


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