RT @[email protected]: “Verging on authoritarianism”? It’s an absolute monarchy led by a literal king that beheads people for homosexuality and witchcraft. They just dismembered a journalist because he criticized them. Saudi is one of the most authoritarian countries on Earth. Delete this. It’s absurd. twitter.com/afp/status/1053600

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RT @[email protected]: When I see a commercial talking about A.I. and the future I think that if they gave @[email protected] 1/1000th of the lab they use that X would change our daily lives for the better from sun up to sun down and again and again. By a lot.

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RT @[email protected]: The murder of Jamal Khashoggi is deeply important. For what it says about power, about evil, about truth, about arrogance, about morality, about justice, about freedom (esp of speech).

🐦🔗: twitter.com/PreetBharara/statu

RT @[email protected]: This is the absolute definition of silencing dissent and an attack on freedom of the press. @[email protected] and @[email protected] are not banning trolls, they are banning journalists who challenge the status quo. twitter.com/RachBlevins/status

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RT @[email protected]: Your Circle of Friends is just like a Cluster of Stars Interacting Interconnected in the Galaxy of Love that You have Created.

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RT @[email protected]: this was the total attendance for the EDL's *national demo* today in Manchester, and I think I speak for everyone when I say:


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RT @[email protected]: Echa un vistazo a la portada de esta edición en español del Manual Antifascista. Tiempo para comprar algo para nuestros amigos hispanohablantes y parientes indígenas. ❤️✊🏾🏴 twitter.com/Mark__Bray/status/

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RT @[email protected]: Democratic candidates are receiving a lot of money from Palantir, the company that has a $53 million contract with ICE to build a web case-management system:

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RT @[email protected]: “Police officers in New York City must provide more information to members of the public they interact with, and get consent for many searches.” nyti.ms/2R0e8Za?smid=nytcore-i

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RT @[email protected]: Took a tour of a max security prison in Norway today. One prevailing principle guides the criminal justice system here: human dignity. This is a pic of the prison’s commissary where the incarcerated can purchase fresh food. You won’t see this anywhere in the US @[email protected]

🐦🔗: twitter.com/danslepian/status/

RT @[email protected]: Saudis Used Israeli Spyware to Track Khashoggi Associate, Leading Dissident richardsilverstein.com/2018/10 It’s well known leading spyware package bought by repressive regimes, intel agencies, & corporate malefactors is Pegasus, which was created by Israeli hacking company, NSO Group!

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RT @[email protected]: Saudi admits was killed in consulate after previous denials. Saudi now claims he was killed "by accident" in a "fight". Turkish officials say Saudi brought a 15 person kill team equipped with a bone saw, cut off his fingers, dismembered him and made a 'snuff' video. twitter.com/KSAmofaEN/status/1

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RT @[email protected]: Baltasar Garzón califica de inhumana la situación de Assange en la Embajada de Ecuador en Londres. El jurista español impondrá este viernes ante la Corte Constitucional de Ecuador una acción de protección contra el aislamiento de Julian. ✊ actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/2

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RT @[email protected]: WikiLeaks' lawyer Judge Baltasar Garzón arrives in Ecuador to file case today over @[email protected]'s isolation and gagging. Hearing next week. Background: justice4assange.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1

RT @[email protected]: Leaker to Intercept who showed IC-LEAs targetted journos and shared FBI docs how they use fam members, wives, your jobs, etc against you sentenced to 4 years.

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