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Security Tips For The Revolution: 1- Full Disk Encryption 2- Mobile 4G Modem 3- Good VPN 4- Tor 5- Tails 6- PGP Enabled End-To-End Encrypted E-Mail

Keep moving. Never operate from 1 locale for more than a few weeks/months. If you have to go to ground to rest, go off grid.

SpaceX has been selected to develop a lunar optimized Starship to transport crew between lunar orbit and the surface of the Moon as part of @NASA’s Artemis program!
#NASA #SpaceX

Full-List of bots:

John Kiriakou, former @CIA intelligence officer, tells the @DEAcampaign that #JulianAssange would not receive fair trial if extradited to the US #FreePress #FreeAssange

Julian Assange joins #Catalan and other political prisoners from around the world calling on @UNHumanRights High Commissioner @mbachelet to urge states to safeguard the lives of vulnerable prisoners during the pandemic
#COVID19 #FreeAssange

I will never forget that it was James Comey who chased me for a decade, all the way into political asylum in Mexico.

And on July 4th, I will exact my revenge - from exile....with the truth about the FBI.

Court documents: UC Global extorted Ecuador with "extremely private photographs" of a female diplomat stolen from her hard drive - in order to keep contract that allowed them to spy on #Assange for CIA


In just one Ohio prison, 1,828 inmates — 73% of the total — have tested positive for , state officials say. The remaining 667 prisoners now are in quarantine.


"These wounds won't seem to heal.

This pain is just to real.

There's just too much, that time can not erase!

You'd cry, I'd wipe away all of your tears

You'd scream, and I'd fight away all of your fears.

I held your hand for all of these years..."


Food not bombs has done more than your favorite white podcasters.


"There's a shadow, hanging heavy.

There's a cold chill in my bones.

It's a steep road, & I am weary.

It's such a long, long way from home!

But I will not shut my eyes.

I will not fall silent!

Canary in a mine...

I will sing!"

"There's a madness in the valley.

There's a darkness that can blind.

It was every man for himself,
No one's getting out alive."

-- Joy Williams

RT implores ppl to stay home during this dangerous time & utilize online activism. He conveys how streams like these need to be embraced & hopes that, while ppl have a sense of despair, they realize how powerful such vigils are now -& have the incredible potential 2b



U.S. workers can bring Capitalism to its knees

1. Do not pay May rent or mortgage
2. Do not shop
3. Do not go back to work

Your Labor=Billions of $ for Corporations

Bring your contribution to the establishment to 0%


11 active corona cases in my city as of the latest reports. Going back into full isolation protocols, including full mask and gloves in public.


This is wild.

It’s a protest against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

Where the organizers spent hours placing countless Xs so people could maintain distance.


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