Thank god! This morning I can walk un-assisted. Feeling much better. I will try and update and answer messages starting this afternoon. Wow, I think I'm going to live. Xander's leg is still gimpy, but I still think it's a bad sprain and will heal. But were both much more chipper.

Thank you. Who ever you are, thank you for our lives.

~~ Xander & X

Alone in the safe house with Xander. He sprained his back leg, his first injury. Still no human food. I think it will be a heart attack that will do it. At my age you can only go so long without eating.

If you think my life worth saving...

I'm going to start closing down all my channels. I'll check the donations page as long as I physically can. Even if donations in the amount of one months supplies came in at this point it's doubtful I have the strength to go get it. Good luck everyone.

5 days as of now with no food or medicine. I have no strength to face all these messages, pretty much because I keep refreshing this page... -> and like, no beans. So fuck it. It's all good, Xander is arranged for. As I said, no donations I die - simple.

I'm going to try real hard to answer everyone's messages and E-Mails today. Please be patient, I can only sit upright for short periods of time. To say I am unwell is a drastic understatement.

This just might be the end.

Finally, maybe I can rest now.

NASA to Announce Commercial Opportunities at International Space Station via NASA

NASA Selects First Commercial Moon Landing Services for Artemis Program via NASA

NASA to Announce Selection of Science Commercial Moon Landing Services, Hold Media Teleconference via NASA

Pennsylvania Students to Speak with NASA Astronaut on International Space Station via NASA

NASA TV Set to Air US Cargo Ship Departure from Space Station via NASA

Surround Sound - Orion Service Module for Artemis 1 Undergoes Acoustic Tests via NASA


WikiLeaks has grave concerns about the state of health of our publisher, Julian Assange, who has been moved to the health ward of Belmarsh prison. - See full statement:


Wow, exciting AM in New Eden with the Invasion beginning. The Hulm to Audearne corridor is trashed along the Minmatar-Gallente border. Stargates, and I suspect whole systems have been overrun. This presents me issues, I do that run several times a week for business.


Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata was assassinated 100 years ago last month.

His memory lives on at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis.



Today receive 15% off the print version of my two books, "Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous" and "Dark Ops: An Anonymous Story". Use coupon code ONEFIVE at checkout.



Nuestro hermano Julian esta hospitalizado en las instalaciones m茅dicas de la prisi贸n de Belmarsh.
A excepci贸n de Scandinavia ning煤n medio de otro pa铆s ha informado.

Desde Argentina apoyamos a


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