Don’t use Google AMP

“Google AMP is bad news for how the web is built, it’s bad news for publishers of credible online content, and it’s bad news for consumers of that content. Google AMP is only good for one party: Google.” –

“If I had my way, Mobile Safari would refuse to render AMP pages. It’s a deliberate effort by Google to break the open web.” –


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A lot of hashtags to follow 

I'm looking for some people to follow! A few #hashtags, ping me and I'm gonna to follow you. Would like to bring mastodon to life for me. #code #dev #developer #python #javascript #ios #linux #queer #c #cpp #osx #web #ide #security #cyber #decentralized #bitcoin #crypto

I just got an abuse message requesting I take down the fraudulent site hosted on

Um. Okay. I'll get right on that... 😂

Robert just argued that Python has 1 way to do things and Go has 0 to 1 ways to do things.

According to GitHub, our Swift on the Server app is currently 71% JavaScript. Winning.

"CI is still running? I guess I can go shave or something." - Matt

Robert: "Circle is still running and I can't get Travis to load."
Matt: "Sounds about right."

Me: "If there's one thing Rails has taught me, it's to ignore most of the stuff in stack traces."
Team: "Hmmm………"

Slept in and still woke up two hours before everyone else at .

Rewatched some Katrina Owen and Sandi Metz talks recently so now I have to up my slideshow game.

Mastodon intro post: I'm into , , , , and (). Getting excited about the web so I hope to do more and soon. Let's connect!

Developing in

#c++ #cxx
#java (android)
#swift (sometimes)

Trying to learn #haskell

Also trying to avoid #javascript

#developers of the fediverse, state your languages so we can connect!

Trying out cross-posting to Twitter, ht to @deathsatchel for help.

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