.cloud should be up and running flawlessly right now. Enjoy

Mastodon v1.6 is live!

☑️ Easier sharing & discovering content across servers
☑️ Improved first-time user experience
☑️ Fresh new W3C standard #ActivityPub
☑️ Better profiles & pinned toots


Mastodon v1.6 is here, and it is the first release which fully implements the protocol. 

was once hailed as the decentralised platform for people to follow celebrities.

What do you have to say about that?

@CloudSocial In a few words: Its main goal is to give the people the opportunity to choose how they want to interact with its social network and with other users.

@CloudSocial That''s not its main goal. The main reason of its existence is to create a decentralizated, distributed and federated social network, so anyone can host their own instance, with their own rules. No place for ads, trolling or "abuse"? that depends on each instance criteria, not the Mastodon/Gnusocial network itself. Some may use ads if they want, some not, some could ban accounts for certain toots while other instances allow the same banned toots in other instance.

is described as 'the perfect ' with no place for trolling, abuse and ads.

What do you say?

Check out our usercount as of this toot.

Happy tooting!


Hi all!

All tech issues have been resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

Happy tooting!

We have updated to v.1.4.7

Feel free to report any bugs you may encounter using contact@mastodon.cloud

Happy tooting!

Ever considered the fact that owning and showing off your sticker, makes you a Mastodon Ambassador!

.cloud usercount as of this toot!

Let's keep up the momentum.

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