December is racing to the end of 2019. Just sent out some holiday cards today and learned deadline to Europe was 2 Dec, US deadline is 9 Dec.
There's always a surprise card or letter from someone that arrives too late to respond to before the deadline.

@ChristinaO we also sent out cards today. We'll see if any make it in time

@tomasino I sent cards to the UK only. Deadline for int'l cards to Europe from the US is 7 December.
Glad I sent the spouse to pick up mail, so I can see which Americans sent mail I need to write to today and mail tomorrow morning.

@ChristinaO oh I should have checked first. Do you still have your PO box? Something is on the way. I spaced and forgot you just moved and might not have it anymore

@tomasino I do have my PO Box for the end of this month -- may move to a Point Roberts WA PO Box, I'll send the address to you via email pronto, and my Canada address too in case you want to send me mail that arrives in 2020.

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