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Wanting to participate in a monthly letter-writing challenge but weren't trained how to write an informal letter? Oxford mathematics don Charles L. Dodgson has you covered in a refreshingly pat treatise for the layperson and Victorian child:

#introduction (take 2)
I'm an old dude (approaching 50!) who plays tabletop #rpg 's, watches #sci-fi & #anime, works as a #sysadmin, and uses #perl daily. I produce an audio #podcast, and still reminisce about #gopher on port 70.

claiming a victory in getting my email removed from an eTailer's CRM faster than what Marketing thought was possible, but giving lion's share of credit to eTailer's Loss Prevention Chief who knows liability of revealing PII of customers w/o consent and expedited my request. "Gee, the woman who ordered from you is probably wondering where her confirmation and billing orders are. I'll print them and mail them with promo offers I've been getting to the address in the email you sent me."

How cold was it today? I wore my mink coat, that's how cold it was. Only comment proffered was highly complimentary, on my good sense in wearing something warm when it's 1C outside.

Oh hey, speaking of extinct mammals, I picked up a Robert Anton Wilson book, _Prometheus Rising_, from the library! Hilarious stuff!

Okay so it did snow. But I didn't drive on any snow, so that is the best type of snow, the type that liquefies 2m from the ground. And I got a Laugh-In themed geocache, you bet your bippy. I love that Mastodon is so fossil-friendly.

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In case you need it:

"How to Stop the War in Your Head and Find Peace"

If only my head wouldn't lie down and play dead as conflict avoidance SIGNAL HAS BEEN LOST

Can't determine if my new friend is "old" as in grey hair and wrinkles or "old" as in her kids have grey hair and wrinkles. She tells me she got on with her husband when WLM King was PM (before R.B. Bennett, or for the Americans out there, when Calvin Coolidge was President!) .

This is turning out to be such a beautiful day for me.

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This made me smile: Margaret Hamilton visits Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, shows kiddies that grownups like to put on costumes for play-acting, dons Wicked Witch of the West costume as demonstration. Mister Rogers notes that girls and boys like to pretend to be witches:

@ChristinaO /me faints

Women on ice with sticks from Canada?!?


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On the heels of , The 365 Days Project: an audio file a day, definitely off the beaten path, unearthed sounds

Something I've been pondering; How does one improve one's out of box thinking and problem solving skills? We refer to them as skills, but how does one practice? #mindhacks