As much as we're anticipating the Presidential Election, I think the election that actually matters MORE to the Country is the Kentucy Senate race between Mitch McConnell and Amy McGrath. If McConnell is re-elected it doesn't matter WHO is President if we don't take back the Senate.

We can help out and flip other states as well to make sure he's out.

Colorado, Maine, Arizona, Texas, and North Carolina are great possibilities, as well as making sure we hold on to Alabama, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

@IronMan2020 @mjc
Yes! Colorado is in play. From what I've seen/heard, Gardner voting to acquit in that farce of an impeachment trial was a last straw for many here. I think there's a high chance he'll be replaced by a Democrat.

@ChloeResists @IronMan2020 @mjc Yes and have special personal project of voting out Rep. Ken Buck CO-04.

@GlennGriffin8 @IronMan2020 @mjc
I'm new to CO, have been here less than a year. First things I did upon arrival? Get my DL changed and car registered, and registered to vote. I am still (pleasantly) shocked by how easy they make it to vote here.

@ChloeResists @IronMan2020 @mjc I am the same. Registered and early voted in person. Now will get mail in ballots. Very smooth!

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