Democrat Captain Mark Kelly was up 6.7 points over Martha McSally in a poll done 2 weeks ago.

Good, but don’t get complacent. Keep working for every vote until Kelly is seated in the Senate. This seat is a massive opportunity for Dems to take.

McSally has no platform except loyalty to Trump and Arizona already rejected her as a Senator once. Help them do it again.
#FlipTheSenateBlue #AZPol

I'm switching my baby's food to a new senior kibble. Hoping I don't come home to surprises on the carpet tomorrow. 💩

@Tenacious @IronMan2020 @Gargron @LokiLoptr666
Above is an example of how we can share posts from bird, with the relevent news article, without actually linking back to bird.

A screen shot may be an extra step, but imo, it's worth it not to send views to bird.

So it looks like I'll be getting a laptop to play Sims 4 heavily for the next 7-8 months. I'll consider it to protect my sanity.

And PLEASE for the love of GOD if you stay home from work DO NOT go out ANYWHERE!

Not the DMV
Not the grocery store
Not the bank
Not the movie theater
Don’t go out anywhere!


To sum up: this is not contained. No one knows what the fuck is happening. I can't work. WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS.


Don't let cable news suppress your vote. Vote your heart in the primary and then throw yourself behind the eventual nominee. Today's vote is NOT a binary choice.

@MariaHill @IronMan2020 I’m in a #SuperTuesday state and I cast my vote for Elizabeth Warren with pride and excitement. I thought about this for a long time and ultimately decided that she still deserves my vote. Warren still fights for it, so I still have her back. It’s what persistence means.

Elizabeth Warren has the respect of the progressive wing but the pragmatic side to appeal to the center. Her whole career has been a fight for capitalism that works for regular people.

That was the core of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she created. She walks the walk. Plus, she took Bloomberg apart, and I believe she would be effective in doing that to Trump.

Nothing is over. Super Tuesday is tomorrow.

Great idea, Clint!

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors, take them with you.

Captain America wants everyone to vote!

You get the clear impression some people are so inconvenienced by a woman that just won't be quiet and go away. 😑I am glad I chose to .


"Warren must recognize that at this point in the race, any criticism by her of Sanders or his record only benefits their common enemies. Solidarity is a virtue that must be practiced as well as preached."




Warren IS

We truly appreciate your support


I am more than open to anyone's recommendations regarding following here.
The name reminds me of We Hunted the Mammoth so of course this place tickles me.

Hey all, my dear friend Lucifer @LokiLoptr666 has joined Mastodon. I can confirm this is the Lucifer from the site that shall not be named, and my partner in (solving!) crime.

I supported Amy Klobuchar and donated to her campaign. I'm disappointed that her appeal wasn't wider. She is a pragmatist who would've been a valuable leader in the White House.

Still, it makes sense for her to withdraw now and support Joe Biden.  I wish her well.

Let's hope all the candidates who are dropping out will stick around to work rallies and support the remaining nominees and the ultimate candidate.

Good morning. First Monday in March! We survived wintering at Valley Forge. Now it is time to harry the Redhats. They may bow to a King--we do not.


Pls give a BIG THANK YOU to José! This is the 1st election he can vote in since becoming a citizen & the 1st campaign he has ever volunteered with! He took off work today to canvass for & I am so thankful to be in this fight with him! LFG 💪



Perhaps it’s a good time to remind folks that campaigns are made up of real people, who dropped everything to fight for what they believe in, often at great cost to their families. Don’t be a dick.


I'm an advocate of early voting. Not everyone is able to vote on a single Tuesday. There are people who work long hours, people who work far from home, etc.

We are seeing how early voting affects candidates. People also vote based on how well their candidate did in an early state.

A national primary day would fix that. Super Tuesday is almost one. I'd like to see everyone vote on Super Tuesday, with early voting in all states, but no early counting of votes. Just telephone/entrance polls.

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