Can I beg for some inspiring comments and maybe a voicemail or 2? Something to get us inspired to record tonight? Maybe you'll get a mention? Maybe we'll share the recording? (unless you don't want us to...)

Voicemail: 763-200-7766


-The Joker

I was messing around with my almost-free podcasting setup and since I moved the quality is so much better. Maybe it was interference?

Moved from a 4 season porch to a minimally finished basement. Could just be the acoustics.

Now I just need a reason to record something...

Why do I have to change every post or reply to public? It won't just stay that way.

There is no "gnu" emoji. So from now to me GNU is "goat"


I don't think the moon looks any different than a normal moon. Am I colorblind?

Divorce court tomorrow. Not excited at all. I just hope that everyone that reads this can send well wishes my way.

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