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I was about to give up hope for society.

Then, this morning, on the bus, I saw a little old lady smile and give up her seat for a pregnant man.

Looks like doggie poo. 💩
Smells like doggie poo. 💩
Tastes like doggie poo. 💩
Whew, good thing I didn’t step in it. 👟

I don’t feel like cooking so I’ll just pop this bad boy into the microwave.

Will I still need to brush my teeth?

Give your posts a CB radio feel by adding the word, “over”, at the end.


Coffee breaks should never end for hard working women.

Allow me to introduce you to the portable, continuous coffee break that follows you around the house…

I ventured out into the world this morning to get groceries.
No fruit or vegetables in the produce department. None.
No milk in the dairy department. None.
However, there was plenty of toilet paper.

Hurricane Ian “depalmed” this poor palm tree. 🌴

If “depalmed” isn’t a word, it should be!

My body has absorbed so much sanitizer in the past couple of years that when I pee, it cleans the toilet.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the National Hurricane Center just made this announcement:

Oct 2, 8 pm EDT: NHC is watching 2 systems tonight -- A tropical wave, the westernmost system in the outlook, could become a tropical depression in a few days, while the easternmost system is likely to become a depression by midweek.

I just saw a news article that said Brazillian voters were heading to the polls today.

How many is a Brazillian?

People that publicly throw around / discuss / announce that they are muting or blocking someone are...

(plz boost! 🙏😊)

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