This is me, doing my part to starve the virus & save lives by staying at home.

You're welcome.😸

If I'm going to have to watch an overweight know-it-all boast about how great he is at everything....

..... I'd rather watch Fred Flintstone.

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Spoke with the nurse at the cancer center about coronavirus.

She said masks were not effective. The ones needed are very expensive & have to be individually fitted.

She said the BEST defense is to WASH YOUR HANDS, with soap & warm water, for 20 seconds.

And, avoid contact.

Above all, DO NOT PANIC!

The symptoms for coronavirus are very specific: Cough, fever, shortness of breath. Period.

Any other symptoms are NOT coronavirus, but probably regular flu.



If you present yourself as a bot in any way, I will block you.

No bots allowed.

Bye, bot.


So do I. Lots of good people live here.

We fly under the radar, being part of the Midwest. But, wow, you should see the crowds when there's a march or protest!


Prepare for attack. A lot of people on social media think we are the stereotypical MAGA cultists.

But, we aren't.

@DarkAvenger @IronMan2020

It's going to take time. But we seem to be headed in that direction.

@OfdonaldJ @IronMan2020

The buzz around here is that more & more Kansans will vote Blue. People are tired of the lies. They are tired of schools & businesses closing. Tired of bad roads & bridges. Tired of paying the way for the rich.

We will see....


People dismiss the Blue element here. They don't believe me when I tell them that Donny LOST in my district (#3) in 2016.

The rest of the state is beginning to catch up. Everyone is fed up with Republicans who continue to lie & push Brownback's failed "Trickle Down Experiment".

I think we may just surprise everyone in November.

Look for slight changes in Missouri, too. The KC Metro is already pretty Blue. On both sides of the state line.

People are fed up. Finally.


No one really pays attention to Kansas, but we have a really good chance of flipping s Senate seat in November.

Roberts is retiring, leaving that seat up for grabs.

Right now, Kobach is running. NO ONE WANTS KOBACH! We voted AGAINST him in 2018, flipping the governor position to Democrat Laura Kelly.

Mitch McConnell is so concerned about losing Robert's seat, he's trying to persuade Pompeo to run. NO ONE WANTS POMPEO, EITHER!

We are slowly flipping from Red to Blue here.

I just changed my voter registration.

I am no longer "Unaffiliated".
I am now a Democrat.

Yay, me...I can now vote in the primary on May 2.


My numbers are off by one.

Who am I missing?

Let me know & I'll follow back...if you want me to.


I am taking a break from Twitter.

I was told last night I'm complacent because I'm NOT buying into the chaos.

It took most of my 64 years to build self confidence & self esteem. To be comfortable in the ability to think for myself & speak up when I feel it's needed.

To not be afraid.

Now...those are character flaws?

No one tells me what to think, what to say, what to do.

I am Cat. I do what I want.

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