We definitely must flip the Senate in November.

We need to get McConnell out of the Speaker's position as well as remove Senators who gave Trump a free pass on the rule of law.

Our current Democratic Senators are valuable. For clarity, Loffler is in Perdue's seat and Enzi, Alexander, and Roberts are retiring.

Adopt a race or three and vote them all out.



No one really pays attention to Kansas, but we have a really good chance of flipping s Senate seat in November.

Roberts is retiring, leaving that seat up for grabs.

Right now, Kobach is running. NO ONE WANTS KOBACH! We voted AGAINST him in 2018, flipping the governor position to Democrat Laura Kelly.

Mitch McConnell is so concerned about losing Robert's seat, he's trying to persuade Pompeo to run. NO ONE WANTS POMPEO, EITHER!

We are slowly flipping from Red to Blue here.

@CatFanatic9 @IronMan2020 Kansas is my neighbor state. I live in Colorado..that would be nice to see Kansas flip to blue!


@DarkAvenger @IronMan2020

It's going to take time. But we seem to be headed in that direction.

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