If I were to start learning how to desktop for or , what programming languages do I need to learn? Also, what would be a good free tool to develop in?

@CaptainJack C, C++, C#, and Java come to mind, although I've only tried Java. When I'm writing code in Java, I use Eclipse as my IDE.

You'll probably need this link as well for starting off in Java:

@CaptainJack Cross-platform? If you're a web dev already, Electron will be the shortest path (Node.js plus Chome web view bundled as a desktop app).

If you want to go native and stay cross-platform, look into C# and Mono.

Aside from that, you can create GUI software with pretty much any language on Linux, as long as they have GTK or Qt bindings.

On Windows you're more or less stuck with C++/C# as far as I know.

@CaptainJack Before you discard Electron, remember Slack and the newest Skype client both use it. Web technologies are considered a legit runtime these days, except for games and AV-heavy applications (although even that is changing with webGL, web audio and so on).

@CaptainJack I had fun making stuff in electronjs, but I mostly do web stuff these days so what do I know?

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