Looking for a good 14" laptop. Recommendations? (Windows only)

@CaptainJack Its a terrible system. Maybe you could by a cheap XP system and put Ubuntu on it?

@CaptainJack This is a newer version of the laptop that I use. It is 15.6" though, so it's not quite the size you're looking for, but it is close. I found that with mine, it delivered good performance without costing too much money.

@Pummelator thanks for taking the time to look that up for me! 😃

@CaptainJack No problem! Like I said, I just looked for an updated version of what I use.

@CaptainJack have you checked Dell? I personally feel their after sales service and tech support is brilliant. I've got them to come take a look at my laptop even via twitter.

@lucidillusions yeah that's the direction I think I'm heading! Thank you!

@CaptainJack a pleasure. Also i have mine dual booted with Windows and Ubuntu.... I use the latter as my daily drive and windows for photoshop and powetpoint.

@CaptainJack mostly cause i dont need an antivirus, specially downloading stuff from torrents.... And not to mention opensource is <3

@CaptainJack I keep reading the Razer's Blade line is the top deal when it comes to Windows laptops

@saifallah I've actually had 2 Razer laptops and they both were not working in two weeks 😞

@CaptainJack damn that doesn't feel right 😞
You might wanna look into the xps line then (not 14")

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