Really enjoing Mastodon. Not a huge fan of the deskop broswer view though. :pizza:

@CaptainJack Don't like the multi column layout in general or specifics about the implementation?

@CaptainJack @jamesfirth

Would be great if the layout is like this (left to right):
• Local Timeline
• Federated Timeline
• Notifications
• Scheduled Toots
• Columns for toots that fit specified criteria


@albert @CaptainJack What about the "Home" column? I think I'd personally prefer it something like the following:
Nav/Search either stays left-most or sits in a topbar. Compose could leave the leftmost and be dynamic or a modal or something.
Columns (left to right)

* Home
* Local Timeline
* Federated Timeline
* (Maybe) Notifications (or they go with my idea below)

Everything after is a custom column you can show/hide such as scheduled/list/hashtag filtered, etc similar to what you mentioned.

@jamesfirth I don't like the multi-column layout. I'd rather focus one column. That's just my opinion.

@CaptainJack that's fair, the multi column layout is kind of intimidating to a new user (unless one is used to tweetdeck I suppose)

@CaptainJack Same. At the very least I'd like to have separate columns for local and federated timelines.

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