Would turning a Chromebook into a machine be good for learning to ?

So anyone here does ? or ? I wonder how meaningful is Mastodon for those

What to do when a bot follows you:

1. Report them and type "bot" for reason
2. Block them

Thank you for making Mastodon a better place 😃👍🏻

Anyway, this "Facebook" thing will never take off; the name makes it clear it's just for college students.

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If I were to start learning how to desktop for or , what programming languages do I need to learn? Also, what would be a good free tool to develop in?

One nice thing about being on multiple instances: one of them goes down, you just hop onto another.

This feels like the first day of school.

Who is on here from the data visualization / generative art community that I should follow?

Looking for a good 14" laptop. Recommendations? (Windows only)

It's 1am and here I am again. Laying here reading random users toots. 💨😃

Really enjoing Mastodon. Not a huge fan of the deskop broswer view though. :pizza:

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