With an account on an instance set up by a guy who seems nice enough but has no incentive to keep it going once he gets bored with it, everything I do on Mastodon feels built on sand....

@Brook Yes: this is one of the practical issues with Mastodon vs. Twitter. At least with Twitter, there's a *consistent* large-scale owner of the domain/hardware/features who you know is trying to monetize you with ads. With Mastodon, the vast majority of users don't know who or what is running the server their ID/content is on. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's bad - but it's *harder* to figure out now.

@Brook Yes, but perhaps the zen impermanence of it all is psychologically beneficial. Facebook and Twitter seem to be bad for our mental health.

.@Brook The universe itself may also suddenly blink out of existence as a holographic entity at any moment. No reason we can't enjoy conversation, promote works, and buy awesome leathery bits from in the meantime.

@Brook Then focus on the people you're connecting with, instead of the history of what you've said, and backup your followings list often.
If the instance go down, you'll just re-set up shop elsewhere! :)

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