I removed my email from my blog post author section on my site last night. I think it’s only been emailed once or twice by recruiters but it seems like a slightly safer way to do things.

Though, the email is in the resume still too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@BrianMitchL better than @ryanmr; he's got his freaking address in his resume, and I use that as the final clue in the dognapping assignment for my class.

@ianrbuck @ryanmr My address is on mine too (as it should be). The real question is if that resume should be public or not.

@BrianMitchL @ryanmr I personally would say no. No sense doxxing yourself.

I've wondered about that. I want real recruiters to have open access to it. Maybe it could be a reverse honey pot?

Basically, I ask the recruiter for their email and then it will send them the resume, but it will also add the email to a recruiter filter.

@ryanmr @BrianMitchL oh, so you're proposing this as a form on your website that the recruiter fills out.

I've wanted a contact form vs open email, but it's now on my card anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter as much.

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