I'm pretty proud of myself here: I managed to teach noted Apple aficionado @BrianMitchL about a macOS feature he didn't know about!

.@BrianMitchL asks the most important question of all: is it "iPhone Pluses" or "iPhones Plus"?

The most exciting thing about the Minnesota State Fair is running into people I haven’t seen in years!

Though, the email is in the resume still too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I removed my email from my blog post author section on my site last night. I think it’s only been emailed once or twice by recruiters but it seems like a slightly safer way to do things.

I told my coworkers about Mastodon, they chuckled at “Toot” being the name for a post.

I'm curious to see how distributed Mastodon is as the user-base grows. Most seem to be jumping on mastodon.social. I hopped on mastodon.cloud way back in the first week of the platform. Hopefully that's fine as time goes on?

Wonder how mastodon is going to cope with scaling.…

Putting it in perspective - (random chosen celeb) Chrissy Tiegen’s account on twitter has ~10x more followers than mastodon has users…

Is mastodon.social running on one server? Or is it load balanced across multiple? Is that even possible at this stage of Mastodon’s evolution?

Toot toot, today has been filled with Vue JS and UI framework upgrades!


Recently, the handling of online defamation has become a hot topic on many mass media as well as social media channels. News Article for Reference: https://www.jiji.com/sp/article?k=2020052500387 In response to these reports, it is expected that lawsuits and disclosure requests will become more publicly known; and government agencies will order stricter enforcement in addition to tightening regulations. However, under the current state of Japan, we will not be able to handle the increase of such administrative burdens and will have trouble dealing with it appropriately. Thus, we have decided to stop providing our service on mstdn.jp and mastodon.cloud starting June 30, 2020. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding on the matter.