Can anyone explain what an "instance" is? Is Mastodon an instance?

Anybody read The Riddler on 538?

I think I have the answer this week. Want to check with someone else. If you think you know it, reply to this and I'll give you my answer and we can compare.

Me: *follow*
Mastodon: 429 Throttled
Me: *follow*
Mastodon: 429 Throttled
Me: Why you no like me? *follow*
Mastodon: 420 Throttle?
Me: Nice try

You gotta juke out the server to follow people.


That's a lot of damn characters!

4 of 5 doctors say to Toot several times daily.

When you're 429 Throttled but. you. just. want. to. follow. somebody.

Hello Mastodon! Hoping you won't go extinct like your namesake! :smile:

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