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@SteveRogers Never eliminated. A strategic relocation to more fertile grounds. You moved to a better neighborhood.

I hear that. Moving here, as well as the team's quick response on Twitter in protest, was brilliant. People seeing the affect of the attack, so close to home, made 'meddling' real. I wonder what other kinds of strategies could counter them🤔

@AgentHill @jackiefoxybrown @IronMan I've been puzzling over this. I like the idea of a clutter free place. Sharing strategies, news, insight and ideas. Using Twitter, as well, to engage with the general population where the battle is fought. Motivation, news of events, ways to volunteer and, I'll admit, cheer leading. "Despair" was a great tweet. Being hit by the troll bots was a sign you got under someones skin. And you're stronger for it. And I've managed to reach my new character limit.😜

4 years of constant scandal. Corruption by Administration officials, wanton greed, babies-in-cages, emoluments, secret deals with dictators. The stack so thick, they fade, it all becomes normalized. Remember. We must unite to win. Today, I remember that..

@IronMan I did too. Ditto no good reason. Hope is wonderful We need the light for clear eyed focus, grinding ahead, to win. My hope is all the candidates devote themselves wholeheartedly behind the candidate and for Senate candidates. Unity or catastrophe.

@IronMan This platform is new and I'm fumbling around. Twitter's limit on characters was good discipline for a motor mouth like my fingers are. I don't have much to say and use too many words to say it. Work in progress.

@IronMan A great point. The last week was a gut check. The 'acquittal', though expected, was a blow. The horrendous SOTU. The Iowa debacle. Like when I woke up on 11/9/2016. My birthday. A hopeless disbelief. But we will be stronger for it. They become more vile, more see them for who they are. We know what to do. Focus, right on. Everyone United, get out the vote. Overcome the madness.

@MrScottLads2 Yes! Thanks! The primaries are more important than ever. The turn-out for each one is critical. Each vote may be the one. Verify your states voting process, voting place. Blue up and down. Turn the Senate! We unite, we all vote, we win.

@AgentHill @Thunderbirds511 @IronMan

Should anyone reach the election booth undecided: Vote for the lesser of two evils.

Donald Trump is the most intentionally, destructively evil person in the history of the United States.

Voting for the lesser of two evils may be the best Bizarro reason for voting at all.

@AgentHill @Chappie_Cat @IronMan @Thunderbirds511
Bingo! "Electability" only identifies 'unelectabile' traits as well as ''electable' ones. Either way, it only serves to help the Trump campaign and its strategy.

For months, Media said the candidates should not run on beating Trump but make it about "kitchen table" issues. Until the primaries. Now, the media 24/7, polls, stats, conjecture, They've done a full 180. They went Bizarro on us.

@Chappie_Cat @IronMan @Thunderbirds511 I was sorry to see Harris go. Warren/Harris would be a dream team. I don't want to hear about who is electable. Electable is who we vote for, and knocking on doors and getting every possible Democrat and Democratic-leaning independent out is how we elect whoever ends up on the ticket.

@IronMan Half-full view: The more that the House uncovers and publicizes, the more Barr & Trump lie and cheat to block justice, the more obvious it becomes to anyone who could still be 'undecided'. And further unite us. Behind OUR candidate after the convention. And ALL Senators a majority is crucial. ALL democrats to rebuild.

@AgentCarter_SSR @NatalieRushman @IronMan

I love the one on 'despair'! I'll send it Toot-Tweet! ,..🤦‍♂️ i'm sooo sorry

@IronMan @natashar @NatalieRushman
Great to see you! Do realize the uproar and indignant chaos you created? How many more Resisters are pissed off at Trump and the troll bots devious ways? I hope you're proud of yourself. I sure am.

@NatalieRushman @IronMan
🙋‍♂️ Such important information. Dab Rather is spot on. Noob here has a question. Can we export items we want to get in front of the eyes of the 'undecided' without the danger of dragging back a swarm of troll bots?

@natashar @NatalieRushman @IronMan What a great quote. And a great (stealing it) picture. In competition you see it when momentum swings on a single play by an unsung hero. Hope sparked, doubt rattles the other side, despair follows. Blue waves rise.

@AgentCarter_SSR Trust me, you're doing GREAT! I just got here and I'm already miles behind! I'll watch your six from back here.

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