Today I reap what you sow. Trump's war on science, dismantling the networks and ousting career experts is coming home to roost. We're where we are now because of the way he was then. And he's only gotten worse since.

Today I remember ..This guy and all of the unqualified conservative ideologues Trump and McConnell have had their drones rubber stamp as Federal Judges. Still, Steve Menashi is special

Today I remember... The VA and how Trump has crassly abused, ignored and hypocritically misused our Veterans for his own political gain. And to his undying shame.

Today I remember ..Department of Interior. Ray Zinke, one of original mob who ran their Depts. like entitled fiefdoms. Resigned due to numerous scandals. His replacement, David Bernhardt, continued the tradition. He's still there. Where have all the investigations gone?

Today I remember.. Bill Barr from the beginning. And still gaining speed on the Trump railroad towards dictatorship.

Pg.1 written testimony before his confirmation hearing Senate Judiciary Committee, January 15, 2019👇

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Today I remember.the..The Emoluments Clause that Trump calls phony. And his outrage one time he was denied.

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4 years of constant scandal. Corruption by Administration officials, wanton greed, babies-in-cages, emoluments, secret deals with dictators. The stack so thick, they fade, it all becomes normalized. Remember. We must unite to win. Today, I remember that..

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