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trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary ppl are whatever they want to be, and if you think differently find a different website

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folks sayin stuff like “boosts okay” i just want to let u all know not only are boosts to my face r not only okay but actually it is mandatory thank u for understanding

also hello from fogland

She's my little boost toot
Now you know what I gaaaaaahhh-t

besides the past, anyone who digs reading my brain-barfings is more than welcome to follow me and say hey

Twitter mention, my origin story 

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Please consider this: you have choices all day long about how you treat people. Every interaction can be kind, or it can be cruel, and the choice you make will have an effect on people you’ll never meet. Make a choice that you’ll feel good about.

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Gonna cure my depression by looking at my phone

A tale of first-ish posts:

2008, Twitter: "eating a sandwich"
2018, Mastodon: "dude I completely fucking forgot about this place"

Out of curiosity: what's the Mastodon best practice re: favoriting? Is it considered intrusive? Is it used as a personal bookmarking system, or as a way of saying, "Hey, good one"?

I ask because I reflexively tend toward the latter and if that's not the social standard here, I'd prefer to adapt now.

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Make your own glitchy images w/ audacity!

- Save to an uncompressed format (.bmp works great!)
- import into audacity as Raw Input w/ Encoding: U-Law and Byte Order; Big Endian
- Play with effects on all but the first quarter second or so (to avoid messing up headers)
- export to format "Other uncompressed files" and click options, set Header to RAW and encoding to U-Law. If you have issues, rename from .raw to .bmp!

Example image:


so should this be where i go to livetoot my nostalgic relistenings to abba songs of my youth

the funny thing about these meds is that it's a lot harder to remember when I've lost my place in something what the fuck I was trying to do and at what point I left off.

this was going to be a recursive post where I started again in the middle but I realized I'm genuinely disconcerted by this and my laughter trailed off

pseudopolitical shit 

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PSA: Please use the CW button to tag political posts so that people who do not wish to view political content do not have to. icosahedron.website/media/bqDT

My problem on twitter: lots to say, lost in the shuffle.

My problem here: I can't remember what I was going to say and STOP LOOKING AT ME okay look at me

sweet Jesus another fucking box to type brain thoughts into


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