Appreciation and gratitude are both wonderful things to know.
Whether it was a direct result of my constant requests to Instagram technical support through several different channels, or whether it was just the technology self-correcting on its own, THE GENTLEMAN MYSTIC IS BACK ON INSTAGRAM! Rest assured that all future posts will be shared to my Facebook account for backup. Thank you so much to all my friends who expressed their concern and support during this little glitch.

Now over 300 posts on my Instagram account, more than a year's worth of curated work, have disappeared.

I'm sure customer support at Instagram will get right on it...

The # of impressions for my outbound Tweets over the last 36 hours has plummeted to just over 1/3 of where they have been averaging the past month.

Within the last 36 hours I posted on my blog an explanation about . Am I now being sh(a)dow b(a)nned as a result? 🤔

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